Interview with Sarah Sloane

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How long have you been teaching?

I’ve been teaching technically since 2000, at the behest of the members of the club that I was pledging (though I’d done some corporate training prior to that). I started to teach at other local groups, and then offered to present at Black Rose’s big event a year or two later…and I was off and running.

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Groups or Events Putting a Call Out For Educators [Communication]

This is reposted from the BDSM Public Workshop Presenters & Organizers group on Fetlife, written by Kassie

Please, when you put out a need for presenters, please have the following information in your solicitation:

1) Name of the organization and then the acronym
2) The website of the organization
3) the dates you are in need
4) If it is a free event for members, if there is a cost associated to members
5) If you are covering travel expenses and putting presenters from out of town up.
6) the kind of event – is this a weekend long educational program, a regional ‘conference’ or a organization in need of presenters. The kind of event it is can sometimes be helpful to people who might be interested in visiting your group for educational purposes.

That is really the bare minimum information that should be posted when you put out a call for people to come to your group.