How To Set Goals by IttyBiz

This one is REALLY long, plus there’s a part three to be added once Naomi posts it (She owns IttyBiz) but I think there’s really important messages in here. If you haven’t signed up for her newsletter yet, you should. It isn’t just for people with businesses.


Those of you who have been following IttyBiz over the years probably know how much I winced typing the words “How to Set Goals.”

Goals drive me crazy, because people tell you how they set goals and assume what worked for them will (naturally!) work for you.

Well, it might work, but it probably won’t work for you as smoothly as they promise it will.

Let’s think about any piece of advice out there on the “best” way to set goals, given by any well-meaning blogger, author or motivational speaker who’s dishing it out.

As we think about what they’re telling you to do, consider these questions:

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