2 thoughts on “Shay & Stefanos – How/when did they know they were ready to teach? [Video]

  1. That’s awesome. :-)

    The thing about “don’t ask about chapter 8” is so freaking true. Both as a former TA and as an occasional workshop teacher. What Shay said about how, as long as you teach within your skill set, you’re fine, is good to remember.

    Sometimes I wonder if I could “get away with” offering something like “Slap Happy: hands-on percussion play 101” as a workshop. Part of me knows that I could, but the other part of me hangs back because “what if someone who’s not at the 101 level shows up and wants to learn something they don’t know yet?”

    Perhaps I can swing it (ahaha) if I keep that “don’t ask us about chapter 8” rule in mind. :-)

    Allison / Amazon. :-)

    • Sometimes it occurs to me that the biggest mistake people make is over-stating their qualifications/expertise. I *love* when presenters are humble and don’t BS the audience. As long as you don’t overstate the scope of the course, I think you can totally “get away” with teaching something you enjoy and know something about even if you’re not the biggest expert in the room.

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