Jennifer Aaker: The Seven Deadly Sins of Storytelling

Jennifer Aaker: The Seven Deadly Sins of Storytelling

A Stanford GSB professor of marketing explains why engaging your audience is key to success.

Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, writes, “Right-brain dominance is the new source of competitive advantage.” Tapping the right side of the brain allows for deeper engagement by uniting an idea with an emotion. The best way to do this? Tell a compelling story.

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Thoughts on Social Media by ‘Fast Company’

From the Magazine Fast Company

The Rules of Social Media According to you (these were my favorite from the page)

Be Interesting. Be Kind. Be Consistent – @Adriannagiuls

#TheRules of Social Media: It’s about Influence, not control. – @nickrunner

Interesting is tougher than it sounds – @Frazerrice

Before you tweet/post/share, imagine saying it in person. Anyone who shouts “Be My Friend!” ends up with no friends. – @johannascott

Don’t forget to tweet or people will forget you. – @hazel_pugh

Make your info short and sweet for mazinmum interest and sharing potential. – @GCHesMan

Don’t say anything online you wouldn’t want to have published on the front page of The Times! – @CW814