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Poster presentation recommendations:

  • Display the title, author(s) and affiliation(s) prominently.
  • Highlight the major elements that are covered in your poster abstract.
  • Keep it simple! Posters should be designed to enhance conversation.
  • If you have more information than can easily fit, prepare a handout.
  • Tables, graphs, figures, etc. work great in poster presentations.


Presenters should prepare a handout of the information included in the poster, including the author(s), affiliation(s), and contact information, and whether or not the work can be cited. Some presenters will prepare a longer handout, providing more detail than could easily be displayed in the poster format. Presenters are responsible for preparing and copying handout(s) and bringing them on-site! Each presenter should bring at least 25 copies of their handout(s) and a sign-up sheet for people to request a copy if they run out.