A Thought About Leadership from Seth Godin

This is from Seth Godin, one of my favorite writers, it’s a piece from a longer post

LEADERSHIP: Management is almost diametrically opposed to leadership. Management is about generating yesterday’s results, but a little faster or a little more cheaply. We know how to manage the world—we relentlessly seek to cut costs and to limit variation, while we exalt obedience.


Leadership, though, is a whole other game. Leadership puts the leader on the line. No manual, no rule book, no überleader to point the finger at when things go wrong. If you ask someone for the rule  book on how to lead, you’re secretly wishing to be a manager.


Leaders are vulnerable, not controlling, and they are racing to the top, taking us to a new place, not to the place of cheap, fast, compliant safety.


2 thoughts on “A Thought About Leadership from Seth Godin

  1. Hey Kali, thanks for linking to this article! I liked his six points of “what matters now” in the new economy, especially:

    > TRUST AND PERMISSION: In a marketplace that’s open to just about anyone, the only people we hear are the people we choose to hear. Media is cheap, sure, but attention is filtered, and it’s virtually impossible to be heard unless the consumer gives us the ability to be heard.


    > STORIES THAT SPREAD: [… ]In a world of abundant choice… the chooser has too many alternatives, there’s too much clutter, and the scarce resources are attention and trust, not shelf space. This situation is tough for many, because attention and trust must be earned, not acquired.

    More difficult still is the magic of the story that resonates. After trust is earned and your work is seen, only a fraction of it is magical enough to be worth spreading. Again, this magic is the work of the human artist, not the corporate machine. We’re no longer interested in average stuff for average people.

    • Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors. Although sometimes he has the tendency to state the obvious, the majority of his posts are really helpful and thought provoking

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