Playing with the Politically Incorrect in BDSM

Hi fellow Kink Leaders!

As many of you know, Kink often involves exploration into the darker, less acceptable sides of human nature.  People seek out the Kink and BDSM communities for different reasons, but there is certainly a place for the politically incorrect in the Kink world that is not made available in the vanilla community.

1.  How do you feel about the active exploration of poltically incorrect topics within kink (e.g. race, rape, imbalances of gendered power, feces, and other forms of extreme play)?

Please check out this great blog post on the topic:

2.  What is your approach to more intense scenes and desires within the Kink Community?

a. As a participant

b. As an observer

c. As a leader (Dungeon staff, group facilitator, etc)

3.  How do you navigate the transition between acceptable scene exploration/play and your leadership role?  How do you make sure that you don’t carry over any of the role play into meetings and that your community members don’t either (For example, power exchange play–totally fine and appropriate in a pre-negotiated scene/relationship but NOT okay at community meetings.  Being a dom/me does not grant you instant power over others in community meetings, etc)

4.  How do you transition between you role in the Kink community, or within a scene to your vanilla life (e.g. the feminist who likes to be spanked.  How can she be both without feeling whiplash?)